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Almira Zarifa Ariyanto

The First Girl


My beloved dougther that born at march 29, year 2012. This baby that long long time we want it.

That alot of trought that we try to make it cometrue. Al least 4 year after we marriage we finally can have her.

For this reason i make this wodpress to always remember her, anytime and anywhere when i connect to internet i can see her.

Because of the work that i have make me a little far from almira. I use to work at 07 until 15 WITA local time in Bali Indonesia.

I live at Teuku Umar street, Kacicang Islam Village, Bebandem sub-district, In Karangasem regency, Bali, Indonesia.

To all that see my wordpress if you come to bali please stop wrote to my home.

This my girl picture:

when she just born


when she just born


That is a littel picure of my angel. Almira …. papa and mama hope someday you became a great girl and heve succed in this time and in the heaven.